AV VoizGame

AV VoizGame 6.0.61

Change your voice in online chatrooms


  • Modulates and changes your voice on online games
  • Records voice changes
  • Transparent skins


  • Expensive to upgrade
  • No real enhancement to your gaming skills

Not bad

Have you ever wanted to play a joke on someone in a chatroom by pretending to be someone completely different?

Unless you're a ventriloquist it's not easy, but AV VoizGame allows you to do so specifically in online chatrooms. AV VoizGame allows you to change your voice as you speak through a microphone in realtime to confuse the hell out of your online buddies or opponents. If you're playing multiplayer online role playing games, then you can really have some fun confusing your opponents or just generally playing around.

If you want to relive your favorite gags, AV VoizGame comes with an inbuilt recorder which records your voice. If you want to keep it hidden on your desktop, you can also do that by making the skin transparent. However, at almost $30 to upgrade, it seems a bit of a steep cost for a simple voice modulation software.

There's not much point to AV VoizGame other than playing jokes on online opponents and while it is a lot of fun, it's questionable whether it's really worth $30 to upgrade.

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